IO1: Interactive Platform

The EntreComp Certificate interactive E-Learning platform forms the basis of the whole project. It is on this platform that all the guidance materials necessary for completing the award are situated, as well as the explanatory videos, transnational lists of suggested activities to prove competence in the 15 competencies of the EntreComp Framework, and all the assessment criteria to achieve the award at three different levels.

A further highly important aspect of the platform is its interactivity. Students participating in the award create their own login details so that they can answer the reflection questions at the appropriate level to evidence completion of each competency. Trained assessors who have completed the Teacher/Trainer module will assess this internally. Lancaster University award the Certificate and digital badge.

The platform is an Open Educational Resource for schools and young people across Europe to access. The EntreComp Certificate is regarded as one of the first accreditations of entrepreneurial and employment skills to be developed using the EntreComp Framework. It is useful and relevant to all young people in Europe.