IO1: Interactive Platform

The EntreComp Certificate interactive E-Learning platform forms the basis of the whole project. It is on this platform that all the guidance materials necessary for completing the award will be posted, as well as the explanatory videos, transnational lists of suggested activities to prove competence in the 15 skills, and examples of good practice in each of the 15 competencies.
A further highly important aspect of the platform is its interactivity. Students participating in the award will be given log-in details so that they can upload their evidence of completion of each competency. This will be assessed internally by the participating partner schools. Students will also be able to communicate with each other through the platform, enhancing the cultural networks which will be created.
Once the project is completed and the platform has been evaluated and fully developed, it will become an Open Educational Resource for schools and young people across Europe to access. Its transferability is its main strength. It will be developed so that it is useful and relevant to all young people in Europe.

Interactive Platform
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