IO2: Guidance Materials

The guidance materials will explain each of the 15 competencies of the EntreComp Framework to school students aged 14-20, making them accessible and relevant to their lives. They will be grouped into the three areas identified by the EntreComp Framework: ideas and opportunities, into action and resources. They will be produced so that students can work autonomously and independently, at either intermediate or advanced level. The guidance will be designed to ‘create new learning activities to develop entrepreneurial competencies’ and to ‘tailor entrepreneurial learning outcomes to a specific context’ as suggested by the EU.

The materials will be in the form of slide presentations which students can work through at their own pace in whatever order they like. Each slide presentation will have an overview first page diagram summarising the competency. The presentations will be available at intermediate or advanced level, based on the level descriptors of the EntreComp Framework guidance. The presentations will include links to other advice available on the internet should students wish to develop their knowledge further.
The guidance materials will be innovative because there is nothing currently available which makes the EntreComp Framework accessible to younger students. 

Although the materials will be designed for autonomous use by students, teachers may wish to use them also. 

Teaching material

Ideas and Opportunities

Spotting Opportunities
Valuing ideas
Ethical and sustainable thinking


Self-awareness and self-efficacy
Motivation and perseverance
Mobilising resources
Financial and Economic Literacy
Mobilising others

Into Action

Taking the initiative
Planning & Management
Learning through experience
Working with others
Coping with ambiguity, uncertainty and risk