IO3: Activities for proof of competence

This output is very important as it suggests all the ways that students can prove competence in the 15 areas of the EntreComp Framework. It is the way that they will apply their learning and it will form the basis of their assessment.

The output is a detailed list of all the approved activities which students can participate in for each of the 15 competencies. The list will be comprehensive and will give guidance on the length of time each activity should be pursued for (this could be up to one year) to be considered worthy of that level. It will include examples relevant to each partner country (e.g. for the UK: Duke of Edinburgh Award), which is why the transnational element of the project is very crucial. The lists will suggest activities for intermediate and advanced level.

The lists will be categorised into the three areas of the EntreComp Framework: into action, ideas and opportunities and resources. Students will be able to work through the activities in their own time and in any order. Students may already be participating in an activity (e.g. learning a musical instrument). Some activities may be relevant to more than one of the competencies and sometimes students may work on one very big project which proves completion in a wide range of competencies (e.g. starting and managing a business from scratch).

The lists will be created to meet two of the EU priorities for developing the EntreComp Framework: tailoring entrepreneurial learning outcomes to specific contexts and designing assessment of entrepreneurial learning.