IO5: Assessment

This is a key part of the EntreComp Certificate. It is a list of accepted evidence to prove completion of each competency with examples of good practice for each competency. The 15 competencies will be divided into the three main areas of the EntreComp Framework: into action, ideas and opportunities and resources. The output matches the EU priority of ‘designing assessment for entrepreneurial learning’.

Each of the competencies will have suggestions for proof of completion at either intermediate or advanced level e.g. a learning journal of the activity or an account of how problems were overcome. Some of the competencies may need an online quiz tool (e.g. kahoot) to be developed. For each of the suggestions, a model example of good practice will be produced. The suggestions of evidence will be quality assured by Lancaster University. The E-learning platform will enable students to upload their evidence for each competency. They can upload them in any order and there is no time limit.

Once a student has uploaded all 15 pieces of evidence, they will be assessed internally by the school at either intermediate or advanced level.
The assessment will require the students to reflect on the skills they have learnt through participation in a particular activity and how they relate to the workplace. 

The expected impact of the assessment will be significant during the project, as students from the partner schools trial them and contribute to their development, improving their entrepreneurial skills. Excellent pieces of uploaded evidence from partner schools will be selected as models for the platform. Once the project is completed and the materials have been evaluated and fully developed, they will become an Open Educational Resource for schools and young people across Europe to access.

The ENTRECOMP Certificate

The EntreComp Certificate is an international careers-based award which aims to foster and recognise young people’s entrepreneurial spirit in the widest sense of the word. It seeks to develop active citizens who engage with the world and add value to society. It promotes business, social and public entrepreneurship through requiring young people to experience up to 15 entrepreneurial competencies, empowering them to become successful, active and responsible citizens. The Certificate will be endorsed by Lancaster University.