Lycée Claude Anthime Corbon

Claude Anthime Corbon High School is a vocational school who owns the label of high school of business communication and business management. It welcomes students from all over Paris.

About 300 students from ninth graders to twelfth graders for their final year study each year in the school.

Located in the heart of the 15th arrondissement of Paris, Claude Anthime Corbon High School provides its students with a friendly working atmosphere. The great stability of the experienced teaching teams allows the realization of many projects.

It offers preparation for various diplomas such as :

  • a CAP (Professional Abilities Certificate) in Sales Specialties.
  • a Baccalauréat in Administration, Transport and Logistics Management.
  • a Baccalauréat in Sales and Customer Dealing Technics.

The school also includes three ninth graders classes:

  • a 3ème Prépa Métiers that allows students to work on their professional project before choosing an orientation.
  • a 3ème UPE2A for non-French speaking students.
  • a 3ème d’Accueil for foreign students who have never been to school before.

Teaching teams are committed to students success both in terms of graduation and choice of orientation. Several cultural projects (students at the movies, theatrical plays, modern dance shows museum exhibitions) are offered to the students. A specific class is also set to have one training period abroad (english speaking area). Different teaching teams participated in Comenius and Erasmus projects involving their students. An attentive and rigorous absentee monitoring reinforces the administrative team actions.

All staff remain attentive to students and families throughout the year. They all strive to create the conditions for each student or trainee’s success in the full respect of the principles and values of the republic.


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