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    School Trips are Back!     

    The EntreComp Certificate Training Event in Cyprus, 30 May-3 June 2022 What is the purpose of school visits abroad? Experience other cultures Learn from new people Have fun! If that is the case, we did all of that and more on our training event in Cyprus. The trip was the culmination of our three-year EntreComp Certificate Project, funded by Erasmus+, in conjunction with Lancaster company MI-Gen, Romania’s Euro Ed, Cypriot partner Emphasys, Enrico Fermi school from Sicily and Corbon school from Paris. LRGS students have participated in an array of activities over the three years to help develop and pilot the award: fundraising with the Prince’s Trust, creating marketing videos,…

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    We meet again!

    We made it! After two years and eleven Zoom meetings, our partnership finally managed to meet again in Paris, December 2021. It very nearly didn’t happen. In the week leading up to our meeting, the new Omicron variant appeared, seemingly determined to scupper our plans once more. There were daily changes to travel regulations and our Cypriot partners were forced to join us online, but armed with lateral flow tests, covid passes, locator forms and PCR tests for our return, eight of us arrived at Claude Anthime Lycee, met by our wonderful hosts, Guillaume and Sylvie (in the red jumpers!). It was incredible how the bonds we had tentatively formed…

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    Class of 2021 – the true entrepreneurs

    As Europe continues to battle against the global pandemic, we know that our young people will be affected for years to come. They are the ones who have been denied a face to face education and forced to learn in isolation and online. They are the ones who have been sacrificed to protect those older and more vulnerable. However, through all the fear and gloom, we hope that the EntreComp Certificate can offer young people a new way to recognise their skills and competencies, and help them to recover from their lost classroom time. Our Erasmus+ project, the EntreComp Certificate, has the ambitious aim of becoming an internationally recognised careers…

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    Adding value to society: The EntreComp Certificate

    Teacher = Entrepreneur? On the face of it, teachers are rarely viewed as entrepreneurs. Particularly when, like me, the educator experience was school, then university, then straight into teaching. However, when assessing modern entrepreneurship from the perspective of the EntreComp Framework, I realise that I have used and developed entrepreneurial skills throughout my career, and continue to do so. A modern entrepreneur is not only someone who sets up a business, but someone who is continually demonstrating innovation, creativity and a myriad of other skills that contribute to society, no matter whether they work in the business, public or social sphere. The EntreComp Framework So when have I been entrepreneurial?…

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    Adding Value to Society: The EntreComp Certificate – promoting a new type of entrepreneur

    Entrepreneurship – isn’t that to do with business? Yawn For me, a history graduate and teacher, entrepreneurship has always seemed like something for others. I’m not that bothered about generating profit, although of course I appreciate that our world absolutely needs those sorts of people, and I’d rather not have to worry about striving endlessly for more. Nevertheless, I have pursued a varied and diverse vocational career which has required continual innovation, and I am pro-active in my local community. This actually makes me an entrepreneur. The EntreComp Certificate recognises entrepreneurship in all its guises, from the traditional business enterprises to the socially aware active citizen and all its overlapping…

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    Entrepreneurial opportunities in lockdown – creating light at the end of the tunnel!

    It’s dark and dreary December at the end of 2020, one of the most dismal years for generations. Nationally and internationally, students have suffered periods of isolation and interrupted teaching. Some experienced the cancellation of exams and perhaps changes to expected transitions. Nevertheless, what 2020 has shown us is that humans do have a remarkable resilience to adapt to circumstances, and our entrepreneurial spirit is strong. ‘Teams’ and ‘Zoom’ are now second nature to us, over one million people have volunteered to help with the crisis , and vaccinations for a virus unheard of only a year ago are currently being administered.Celebrating our entrepreneurial spirit is what the EntreComp Certificate,…

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    Progressing Erasmus+ Projects in Lockdown

    Running two Erasmus projects in lockdown has been a very different experience to that which we expected. Instead of the planned transnational meetings to help us understand the international contexts of our partners and their students, and shape our direction; we have been stuck with the joys of zoom and team meetings. Whilst we are all improving our technological communication skills, we have missed the free flowing discussions and sheer sociability of TMs, where ideas spark and breakthroughs are made. We are hoping that, with extensions to our projects, the TMs and international student conferences will be able to go ahead in 2021-2. Despite the difficulties, the two projects have…

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    “Cross-sector mentoring”: An ECC article in the website of the Erasmus+ UK National Agency

    Louise Wareing from Lancaster Royal Grammar School talks about serendipity, collaboration and mentoring in the blog of the Erasmus+ UK National Agency. Thanks to an Erasmus+ cross-sector meeting, organised by the UK National Agency, Louise met and established a relationship with a colleague from a different sector that is having a major impact on her, her school and its pupils. Read the full article here, for more information on how Professor Bob Gilmour will be involved with the ECC project.

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    LRGS’s EntreComp team visited by Brean Horne

    LRGS’s EntreComp team were visited by Brean Horne, a reporter from Moneywise magazine yesterday, following the success of the Erasmus+ Personal Finance Project 2017-2019. She saw the EntreComp team in action, business planning for the Prince’s Trust Moneymakers’ Scheme. Their experiences will be used to help develop the materials for the EntreComp Certificate.

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