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    We meet again!

    We made it! After two years and eleven Zoom meetings, our partnership finally managed to meet again in Paris, December 2021. It very nearly didn’t happen. In the week leading up to our meeting, the new Omicron variant appeared, seemingly determined to scupper our plans once more. There were daily changes to travel regulations and our Cypriot partners were forced to join us online, but armed with lateral flow tests, covid passes, locator forms and PCR tests for our return, eight of us arrived at Claude Anthime Lycee, met by our wonderful hosts, Guillaume and Sylvie (in the red jumpers!). It was incredible how the bonds we had tentatively formed…

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    LRGS’s EntreComp team visited by Brean Horne

    LRGS’s EntreComp team were visited by Brean Horne, a reporter from Moneywise magazine yesterday, following the success of the Erasmus+ Personal Finance Project 2017-2019. She saw the EntreComp team in action, business planning for the Prince’s Trust Moneymakers’ Scheme. Their experiences will be used to help develop the materials for the EntreComp Certificate.

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