IO4: Promotional Films

The project will develop 15 films which will be uploaded to public servers (YouTube), as well as the E-learning platform. The purpose of the videos will be to give young potential entrepreneurs a flavour of the specific competence, and what they may need to do the achieve it. In short an educational promotion to draw young people in to using the interactive platform.
The videos will enhance the guidance material for each of the 15 competencies. They will be created and produced by students in the partner schools. They will be grouped into the three areas identified by the EntreComp Framework: ideas and opportunities, into action and resources. The videos will be designed to ‘create new learning activities to develop entrepreneurial competencies’ and to ‘tailor entrepreneurial learning outcomes to a specific context’ as suggested by the EU.

They will also be a useful promotional tool for the EntreComp Certificate through their presence on public servers.

EntreComp Certificate Youtube Channel

Coping with Ambiguity, Risk and Uncertainty

Taking the initiative


Mobilising Resources

Ethical & Sustainable thinking


Coping with ambiguity, uncertainty & risk

Motivation and Perseverance

Financial and Economic Literacy

Spotting Opportunities

Spotting Opportunities