IO4: Promotional Films

The project has developed 15 short films, one for each competency, which can be found on the EntreComp Certificate YouTube channel, the E-learning platform and here. The purpose of the videos is to give young potential entrepreneurs a flavour of the specific competence, and inspire them to prove their competency in it. The films promote each of the 15 competencies and encourage young people to participate in the award.

The videos enhance the guidance material for each of the 15 competencies. They have been created and produced by young people from our partnership. They are grouped into the three areas identified by the EntreComp Framework: ideas and opportunities, into action and resources. The videos have been designed to ‘create new learning activities to develop entrepreneurial competencies’ and to ‘tailor entrepreneurial learning outcomes to a specific context’ as suggested by the EU.

The partnership has also created several promotional films summarising the award in general, encouraging young people to participate.

EntreComp Certificate Youtube Channel

Coping with Ambiguity, Risk and Uncertainty

Taking the initiative


Mobilising Resources

Ethical & Sustainable thinking


Coping with ambiguity, uncertainty & risk

Motivation and Perseverance

Financial and Economic Literacy

Spotting Opportunities


Valuing ideas

Planning & Management

Learn through experience

Promotional Videos