IO5: Assessment

This is how the EntreComp Certificate is assessed. The assessment criteria for each level of the award is shown here. A template to help young people decide on the level they wish to attempt and the activities they will participate in to achieve the competencies is also here, with some examples of completed templates at each level. Additionally, there is an example of some completed reflection questions at Advanced, Intermediate and Foundation Level.

Young people achieve the award by completing reflection questions to prove their proficiency in each competency at their appropriate level (Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced). The reflection questions were created to ensure that the Level descriptors at each level were being met. They are located on the IO1 platform. The 15 competencies are divided into the three main areas of the EntreComp Framework: into action, ideas and opportunities and resources. The output matches the EU priority of ‘designing assessment for entrepreneurial learning’. The assessment requires the young people to reflect on the skills they have learnt through participation in a particular activity and how these can relate to entrepreneurialism or employment.

The Reflection questions can be answered in any order and there is no time limit. When a young person has completed the required number of reflection questions for their level, they are assessed internally by their teacher/trainer. If they have met the required standard for their level, Lancaster University issues the Certificate and Digital Badge.

In order to quality control the assessors, all teachers/trainers must complete the Teacher/Trainer module on the IO1 platform before they can act as assessors for the award.

This is a rigorous assessment procedure and is the first accreditation of its kind for entrepreneurial activity. We are very proud of our collaboration with Lancaster University who particularly like the experiential and reflective nature of the award.

The ENTRECOMP Certificate

The EntreComp Certificate is an international careers-based award which aims to foster and recognise young people’s entrepreneurial spirit in the widest sense of the word. It seeks to develop active citizens who engage with the world and add value to society. It promotes business, social and public entrepreneurship through requiring young people to experience up to 15 entrepreneurial competencies, empowering them to become successful, active and responsible citizens. The Certificate will be endorsed by Lancaster University.