IO6: The EntreComp Certificate Evaluation Report

This is the pilot testing and evaluation part of the project. 

Groups of students aged 14-20 from each partner school (ideally 50) will trial the E-learning platform with the aim of achieving the Certificate.  The output of the pilot will be a rigorous evaluation of the E-learning platform, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Students will be required to work autonomously through the EntreComp Certificate, leading to an uploading of evidence to prove completion of all the 15 competencies. When they have done this, their evidence will be internally assessed by the partner schools. The evaluation will come from a detailed questionnaire of the students involved, written to assess how far the EntreComp Certificate meets its stated objectives. There will also be some interviews of selected students. 

The detailed design and write-up of the evaluation of the project will form the basis of this output. Its impact should be a very helpful report which pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses of the project, enabling it to move forward as a robust qualification. The report will be published on the Elearning platform (O1) as well as on public servers. Its transferability potential will be advice for any providers wishing to utilise the EntreComp Framework in a different way or develop a different award. It will also inform different projects about advantages and disadvantages of using selected methodologies.